columbia • jairo alban

sweet with necatrine & granny smith apple

magnolia is a love letter to coffee. it delights in those surprisingly fruity cups with bright and sparkling acidity. it always seeks out sweetness paired with stunning clarity and vibrancy. it is all the best aspects of modern coffee and works to remind us that the possibilities for a good cup are endless when you are working with coffees that are in bloom.

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This seasonal blend of premium coffees offers incredible acidity, sweetness and body. It is excellent in milk drinks and as a straight up espresso.

June 2014 - The Coffee Review awarded this coffee with 93 points - one of the highest scores ever received by a Canadian Roaster

June 2015 - And this year it did even better - our Ace received a 94 rating and was listed in three different categories, Best Espresso, Highest Rated Coffee and Best Value Coffees!

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a ‘natural processed coffee’ meaning seeds dry with the cherry fruit intact. kayon uses acacia shade covering for a controlled and even drying process. the resulting cup is balanced and sweet with a heavy mouthfeel. the acidity is beautifully bright like fresh orange juice. the fruit and berry notes are intense with bursts of blackberry, blueberry, raspberry and strawberry. the finish is big and sweet, like a icy cup of sugary pink lemonade sipped while enjoying a long summer sunset.

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a tried-and-true espresso blend that’s been with pilot from the start. designed to produce a big-bodied shot packed with flavour and complexity that can hold its own when combined with milk.

while pilot rotates its component parts depending on the season, its defining feature is a fine balance of dark fruit, swiss chocolate and nutty tones with medium acidity, tailor-made to stand the test of time.

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