Oxaca Bowl

True food photos

We know it’s disappointing to look at food photos, go to order it, and realize it looks nothing like the photo.

The Ultimate Food Guide strives to offer TRUE FOOD PHOTOS.

We only photograph food as it would be served, + try all the dishes we shoot.

We do not allow artifical touch ups, we do not allow less cooked or frozen food so it holds it shape better, or allow embellishments in quantity or elements served.

We never use stock photos or restaurant provided photos.

All photos on this site are shot by The Ultimate Food Guide Team.

We do use some lighting so people can see more elements of the food, + we do sometimes ask dishes to be cut or plated slightly differently so individual elements can be seen better.

ie asking a salad to have dressing on the side or not having it tossed.

We do understand that garnishes + sauces may be seasonal + that some elements of a dish may change over time.

All photos are accurate as of the day they are served, if you feel a photo no longer represents a dish ordered you are welcome to leave a note in the comments.

* abusive or malicious comments will be removed.